ECG Electrodes


Foam and soft cloth monitoring electrodes are self-adhesive, non-sterile single use disposable ECG electrodes.

All include a sensing element and the solid adhesive hydro-gel has very low impedance level.

Most importantly, the adhesive gel sticks on both skin of patient and the sensing element so that the

Movement-artifact can be significantly lowered.

The adhesive quality of the foam is strong enough to use for ECG monitoring.


ECG Monitoring for Adult/Pediatric in OR, ICU, CCU, Cath Lab, Echo-Cardio, Stress Test and Holter.

ECG Electrodes


The PROPENCIL, Electrosurgical Unit Pencil, is available with either button or rocker switch for smooth activation.

Bio Protech Inc. provides you with coated ceramic(or Teflon) optionally, cut like stainless steel with a clean advantage.


Universal Standard Design

Interchangeable design all over the world.

Advanced Tactile Switches

Either button or rocker switch is available for your preference.