Emergency Cart (swing out type)


  • The small unit footprint maximizes storage, yet takes up less floor space. They side storage units conveniently swing out when needed, then close back into the cart reducing the footprint and providing a handle for maneuverability.

  • Handy tilt-bins manufactured for fitting to side storage items can store various kind of nurse's items, more safely and usefully keeping all necessary items, then also easily exchanged when empty.

Medication Cart


  • Designed to supply the medication when nurse make around of visit to patient

  • Installed multi-bin containers at rear side to make easy and multi purposed storing

  • Multi structure can be possible using by various kind of accessories

    • Ergonomic designed push-handle and efficient structure.

    • Total locking key system.

    • Cassette Type(for dose system)

  • Upgraded efficiency of storing and mobility.

  • Each drawer has ABS basket with well organizing dividers.

  • Calmed and good rolling 5"casters with brake.